Recipe: Breaded pork escalope with ratatouille

LOCAL produce and a 'passion' for food are driving head chef Noel Busby's ambitions for new Hertford restaurant Deco. Cheese from Hitchin's Wobbly Bottom dairy, Braughing sausages direct from the farm, watercress from Welwyn Garden and flour from Redbournbury Mill are all on Noel's shopping list.'All of us at Deco believe we should be helping smaller businesses,' he says. 'Where we can't use local we try to use British - all our beef and most of the fish for instance. It's about what we give our customers, not about making as much money as we can.' The style he has developed for Deco is 'English with a twist'.Ingredients (serves 4)For the tomato sauce: 3 romano peppers roasted and skinned; 500g plum tomatoes; 1 clove garlic; 10ml olive oil; 1 large red onion finely diced; 30g tomato pur�e; 10g caster sugar; 6 basil leaves. Heat oil in a frying pan, add onion and garlic, sweat until transparent. Add tomatoes and peppers and cook until soft. Add tomato pur�e to thicken, season and add sugar. Finish with basil leaves then pur�e and sieve.For the ratatouille: 2 green courgettes diced; 2 yellow courgettes diced; 1 aubergine diced; 1 large red onion skinned and cut into 8 wedges; 20ml olive oil; 30g grated parmesan; 300ml tomato sauce Roast courgette and aubergine in oil until soft but holding their shape. Roast red onion wedges in oil until soft and coloured. Warm tomato sauce, add courgettes, aubergine and red onions. Season and finish with parmesan until melted.For the saut�ed potatoes: 16 large new potatoes boiled until al dente; 30ml olive oil Cut potatoes in half length way. Heat oil in a pan then add potatoes, cook until golden brown and season.For the pork escalope: 4 pork chops; plain flour; 2 large eggs; bread crumbs; 20ml olive oil; 20g butter Remove fat and rind from chops then use a meat hammer or rolling pin to flatten until 4mm thick. Whisk eggs and add seasoning. Dip pork into flour, then egg and finally breadcrumbs. Heat 5g butter and oil in frying pan and cook pork until golden brown on both sides.For the dolcelatte sauce: 200ml double cream; 10g garlic pur�e; 60g dolcelatte cheese Warm double cream and garlic in a pan, add dolcelatte, cook until cheese melts and season. Reduce by a third.BOOK A TABLEDeco Restaurant and Lounge16-20 Parliament SquareHertford SG14 1EZ01992