Recipe: Baked fruit kebabs

Kebabs aren’t just for summer; they also allow us to introduce hot, spiced fruit into our winter diet. You can mix together seasonal apples and pears together with pineapple and bananas to create tasty winter puddings that are ideal for children and adults.

Serves 4



2 cored apples

2 cored pears

1 peeled banana

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250 g pineapple chunks

3-4 tablespoons orange juice,

3-4 tablespoons honey

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon


Cut the fruit into chunks of around the same size and thread them onto pre-soaked wooden skewers. Pour the orange juice, honey and cinnamon into a pan and heat until gently bubbling. Brush the orange juice/honey glaze over the fruit and grill for around  5-10 minutes or pop into a pre-heated oven(180°C, gas mark 4) until just starting to soften and going golden brown. Serve with any of the remaining glaze, a dusting of cinnamon/icing sugar and low-fat yogurt.

Variations are easy: you can add a tot of rum and a pinch of chilli and ginger for extra heat if serving to adults. Fruits such as mango and orange add extra colour and flavours to this simple but tasty dish.