Radical step for UK prostitution

I WOULD like to congratulate Gail Porter for calling for the decriminalisation of prostitution (Decriminalise prostitution, says TV’s Gail, H&H, September 16).

The selling of sex is something that is ever-present in human society. Our current laws serve to push large numbers of our citizens into the realm of criminality for actions which, while morally questionable, are not damaging to society and do not harm other people.

Due to their current criminal status sex workers are denied the proper protection of the law themselves and are at far greater risk of abuse than they would be otherwise. The police do good work combating the dark side of prostitution, for example where it involves trafficking, slavery, coercion or children. We saw this in last week’s edition (Virgins trafficked for sex in prostitution ring, H&H, September 16).

These things are utterly vile and our laws should allow the police to focus on pursuing the wicked people who propagate them. Let’s really go after the pimps and the traffickers, let’s give them hell, but let’s give the rest a break.

Decriminalising prostitution should make it easier for people in the sex industry to move on to something else, by removing some of the stigma and the threat of prosecution.

It would make it easier to provide health care services for sex workers. It could also deny revenue to organised crime. It would be a brave and radical step to take for this country, but I think it would be the right step to take.

Cllr Tom Simon

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Belsize Ward (Lib Dems)

Fellows Rd NW3