‘Quirky’ Archway video shop to close its doors after 30 years

A TREASURED independent video shop in Highgate is likely to be shutting its doors after three decades of service.

Nearby residents say they are “distraught” that Archway Video’s selection of independent films and knowledgeable advice will no longer be available if plans to close the shop in the summer go ahead.

Lydia Penke, of Hornsey Lane Gardens, has been a loyal customer for years. She said: “They are all so quirky in the shop and just so obviously love their jobs and love their films. One of the best things is that they are all into different genres.

“They always remember your name and when you go in and it’s a really important place for the community. Whenever you go in there, you will meet an eclectic character chatting away about a random film.”

The shop owners have blamed its impending closure on the increasing popularity of online film clubs and home downloads.

Donna Fitzpatrick works at the shop which her parents started in 1981. She said: “Some people have come in and said we haven’t tried hard enough to save the shop which is quite hard to take. We have been running this for 30 years, I don’t know anything else and I certainly don’t want to see it end.

“I has been a hard decision and no-one wants to close. But Lovefilm, other film clubs and downloading has really affected us. We just don’t make enough money. We own the building so we don’t have to pay rent but at the moment we are struggling to pay the wages of the staff.

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“We have already given one member of staff redundancy and she will be leaving soon which is allowing us to continue for a little while.

“Nothing is set in stone but it is quite likely that we will be selling off the stock and closing by the summer,” she added.