Q&A: Conservative local election candidate Hamish Hunter on Hampstead’s heritage, moped crime and waste.

Hamish Hunter is a Conservative candidate in the forthcoming Camden Council elections. Picture: HAMI

Hamish Hunter is a Conservative candidate in the forthcoming Camden Council elections. Picture: HAMISH HUNTER - Credit: Archant

Lawyer Hamish Hunter is standing as a Conservative candidate for Hampstead Town ward in next year’s local elections. He campaigns and volunteers locally. Here he explains what makes Hampstead so special.

What brought you to Hampstead?

I’ve lived here since I was nine. My mother lived in London before I was born. Camden and Hampstead has meant a lot to me all my life. I went to Devonshire House Prep School and Highgate School. I was very lucky to get scholarships. We weren’t very well off. We lived in a council flat. Hampstead is my home. I never want to leave.

What makes Hampstead unique?

It’s a part of London, a great global city, but it has its own character and identity. It’s a beautiful part of the city we want to preserve.

You have a day off to spend in Hampstead. What do you do?

Obviously, everyone loves to take a walk on the Heath. We ‘ve also got the stunning Pergola which is one of England’s hidden treasures. I would also visit one of the many pubs. Hampstead is a wonderful place to relax and see friends. If I’m not knocking on doors campaigning or out volunteering I would have a pint in one of the great pubs.

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If you were the editor of the Ham&High, what issues would you focus on?

One of the issues residents talk a lot about is changes to rubbish collections and garden waste charges. Residents feel it’s unfair. There’s also a problem of the council not preserving Hampstead’s historic street signs. They are being replaced by characterless plastic signs. Residents are also concerned by the way police are approaching moped crime. A lot feel they are not being listened to.

Who is the most inspiring person you have met?

My mother. She was a single parent. I lost her to cancer two years ago. She was a staunch socialist. She was always debating and discussing ideas. She worked for Camden Law Centre and had a great sense of the need to serve people which was a real inspiration to me.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

We’ve got the elections in May 2018 so I’m focusing on that, talking to residents about their concerns. We are also campaigning for more charging points for electric cars which will be a huge part of improving air quality.