Q&A: Vas Blackwood on why he loves Dartmouth Park and Hampstead Heath

Vas Blackwood

Vas Blackwood - Credit: Archant

In this week’s Ham&High we spoke to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels actor Vas Blackwood told us about his life, loves and respect for former Labour leader Michael Foot.

What brought you to Dartmouth Park?

My parents migrated to Kentish Town from Jamaica in the early 1960s. They bought a house on Leighton Road. I was born at University College Hospital, went to school in Camden, obtained my first property in the borough and I’ve never left.

What makes the area unique?

A combination of Hampstead Heath, the hillside views overlooking London, historical relevances, village-type shops, conservation areas and a strong sense of community make my area unique.

You have a day off to spend inDartmouth Park, what do you do?

My days off are usually spent on Hampstead Heath. The Heath gives everything back to you, it heals you, works out your problems and inspires you.

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If you were editor of the Ham&High, what issues would you focus on?

If I was editor of the Ham&High I would focus on the positive aspects of living in this diverse and unique area. I would focus on how adults can and should interact more with the youth and how the youth should be held more accountable for the growth of this community. Each one should teach one in our area.

Where in the world would you twin with Dartmouth Park?

I would twin Kingston Jamaica with this area. It has amazing hillsides and is very bustling yet community driven. People work hard there and the youth are taught to put something positive back into the community. We could share our love of food, music and historical identity.

Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met?

Michael Foot used to share inspiring words with me every time we bumped into each other on the Heath. He was a great man.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the summer?

This summer will consist of embracing how fortunate I am to be living so close to the Heath and at one with nature. I am also praying that the Royal Heritage brings back open air concerts at Kenwood House. There’s nothing better than having a picnic on the Heath while listening to live music.