Q&A: My West Hampstead


- Credit: Jae Park

Jae Park lives in West Hampstead, and runs The Petite Coree, a Korean and European fusion restaurant on West End Lane.

What brought you to the area where you live?

Mainly being near to my restaurant. Not long after opening it, I realised it would also be a nice area to live in. So the crowded commute is no more, as I can walk to work in five minutes. Bliss!

What makes West Hampstead unique?

One thing I often hear about, and I agree with, is the good public transport links. Three train stations, and good bus routes, it’s very easy to get into central London or further out in different directions you need to.

You have a day off to spend in West Hampstead, what do you do?

When you run your own business, days off don’t come along too regularly. Recently when I’ve had some spare time, I’ve agreed to do private catering for some of my customers, or their friends.

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If you were the editor of the Ham&High, what would you focus on?

The amount of houses and new buildings in the area.

With all the new property developments over the recent years being agreed to go ahead, and there’s now even more in the future. West Hampstead is crowded enough and all this puts added pressure on the various services already stretched.

Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met?

There are a few! However my commi chef who worked with me when I last worked in somebody else’s restaurant. He was such a hard worker, and believed one day he would have his own place. Now he has his own restaurant in Lyon. It just goes to show you should follow your dream!

What are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?

I’m looking forward to trying out some more food ideas I’ve got in mind, as well as expanding my customer base out of West Hampstead a bit more. Although I have good local support, it’s nice when people make a point of travelling to taste my cooking.