Q&A: Christiana Hines on the enduring appeal of Hampstead

Christiana Hines explains why she loves Hampstead.

Christiana Hines explains why she loves Hampstead. - Credit: Archant

In this week’s Ham&High we spoke to Christiana Hines, founder of Hampstead Housesitters and Hampstead Hounds, about what inspires her: her grandmother, animals and Hampstead.

What brought you to Hampstead?

Initially my parents as I was born and grew up here. I rented across London but Hampstead is the only place in the city that feels like home, which is why I decided to build my business here.

What makes Hampstead unique?

It has a special energy and atmosphere that can’t be bought. There is a wonderful mixture of people from all over the world living here. As well as the area’s vast literary, musical and artistic heritage.

You have a day off to spend Hampstead, what do you do?

We provide a 365 day 24:7 service and because the core of my business is in Hampstead it’s very hard to have a day off in the area. However, I know the Heath so well and there are secret spots I retreat to to get some time and space and admire London from a distance.

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If you were the editor of the Ham&High, what issues would you focus on?

I would open up a debate within the community to discuss the suitability of Hampstead becoming an independent borough.

Where in the world would you twin with Hampstead?

It would have to be Antwerp. I immediately felt at home on my first visit there. It has a similar indescribable atmosphere as Hampstead and similar wonderful cafes, shopping and art to enjoy.

Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met?

My Grandmother. Her bravery as a Resistance fighter has inspired me throughout life. The same goes for the people of Warsaw who fought during the uprising in 1944. The animals we work with inspire me on a daily basis. And people who have a strong work ethic and look to build their own path in life.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the summer?

I’m making preparations to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my business. I am proud my business and team has grown so much in just three years. We work with wonderful clients who are passionate about their pets. I’m so happy they trust me and my team to look after what is a very important member of their family.