Pup idol kicks off at South End Green festival on Sunday

The Pup Idol dog show returns to South End Green this Sunday during the Hampstead Heath Summer Festival with a celebrity judging panel that includes Bill Oddie and Peter Egan.

Dogs will be judged in one of six categories: Miss Hampstead, Mr Hampstead, Cutest Pup, Golden Oldies, Best Rescue, and Best Dressed.

A total of 20 dogs will be shown for each category and the judges will choose four finalists for interviews and then vote on a winner.

Rodney Zasman, director of Zasman Vets and creator of The Pup Idol Dog Show, said: “Interview questions could be something about the dog and owner relationship, tricks the dog can do or interesting and dramatic stories. It is quite funny, the interviewer is a comedian so it becomes quite tongue in cheek.

“It has really evolved into an event. Last year Liam Gallagher and his family attended the show and are expected to return. There will be VIP tables, a champagne bar, and live music in between each category.”

Proceeds will go towards the charity All Dogs Matter, which rescues abandoned dogs and puts them in foster care until permanent homes are found. Mr Zasman hopes to raise �10,000 and has already received generous donations.

The contest begins at 1pm outside Zasman Vets in South End Road. Hampstead Heath Summer Festival will run from 11am until 5pm, and will feature live entertainment, face painting, a Petting Zoo, shopping and food.

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n For more information and to register your dog visit www.alldogsmatter.co.uk.