Pundit John McCririck demands action over idling coaches in Primrose Hill

Idling coaches illegally parked down Prince Albert Road Picture: Sarah Deech

Idling coaches illegally parked down Prince Albert Road Picture: Sarah Deech - Credit: Archant

Idling coaches parked illegally in Primrose Hill are destroying the environment, according to John McCririck who has labelled the pollution as “disgusting”.

The outspoken horse racing pundit, who lives in Primrose Hill, has criticised drivers for leaving their engines running all day on Prince Albert Road.

“They are parking illegally and revving their engines. Why are Camden Council traffic wardens not ticketing these coaches? You can see stuff spewing out. It’s disgusting,” he fumed.

Restrictions prevent vehicles from parking on the road between 8.30am and 6pm but Mr McCririck and his wife, Jenny, are bewildered as to why Camden haven’t taken action especially because Westminster Council who control the south side of the road do enforce parking rules.

“Westminster Council are doing something so why aren’t Camden doing anything.”

Joanna Reeves, who runs the IlovePrimroseHill blog says the pollution is harming young people.

“Over the hedges where these coaches stop is a children’s playground and an outside gym but all these people are getting is fumes from the buses that are sitting there all day, every day. I don’t know why but word has got around that these drivers can park there for free.”

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A resident says she believes drivers are not only idling but are relieving waste from the coaches onto the side of the road which is causing a “revolting smell”.

“On more than one occasion, I have walked by and have smelled a disgusting smell like sewage. It was on a dry day and I saw a liquid running down the edge of the kerb.

“Idling has been going on for years. I’ve spoken to the drivers before but they just give excuses like ‘just about to leave’ or ‘getting the engine ready’ and I have spoken to councillors too but nothing has been done.”

Adam Harrison, cabinet member for improving camden’s environment, said: “Thank you to members of the public who have alerted us to coaches parked illegally on Prince Albert Road. The council has gone to issue penalty charge notices to these vehicles.

“I hope the stronger anti-idling powers that the council will adopt this week will help further in dealing with this problem.”