Primrose Hill closure 'not working': Residents despair at late-night noise

Primrose Hill at night

Primrose Hill at night - Credit: PA

The early closure of Primrose Hill has not quelled late-night disruption, residents say.  

The park has been closed from 10pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for three weekends.  

However as there are no gates to the park, the closure can only be implemented through signage and police patrols – limiting its impact.  

Mick Hudspeth, the CEO of Primrose Hill Community Association, said: “It is quite clear that the measures are not working, it is impossible to police the space all weekend, police resources are stretched as it is especially with lockdown ending and pubs re-opening.  

“As Primrose Hill has now become the party venue of choice, until gates are in place the ASB (antisocial behaviour) will continue as will the associated crime in the area that goes with it.” 

Primrose Hill resident Lucy Cottrell said an “enormous body” of at least 500 residents have been in contact with the authorities to prevent the neighbourhood “getting out of control forever”.  

A spokesperson for the Royal Parks, which manages Primrose Hill, said the “short-term solution” would continue, for now, to deal with “persistent anti-social behaviour and disruption”.  

Crowds during the recent sunshine

Crowds during the recent sunshine - Credit: PA