Primose Hill 5G mast refused by Camden Council

Where the new mast would stand, if approved

The mast would have stood opposite the junction of Fitzroy Road and Regent's Park Road - Credit: Google

Camden Council has turned down a proposal for an 18-metre 5G telecommunications mast on the edge of Primrose Hill park.

The decision, taken by a planning officer, cited the height, bulk, size and location of the plan as reason for its refusal.

Camden said the plans submitted by the internet provider “would result in overly dominant visual clutter in a prominent position which would cause material harm to the character and appearance” of the area

More than 150 objections were lodged to the town hall before its decision on June 14 over the telecommunications mast and cabinets that aimed to boost local internet speeds.

The proposal was to place new network equipment on the footpath opposite the junction of Fitzroy Road and Regent's Park Road.

Residents’ criticisms of the scheme included their claims that the “unsightly” plans were “entirely inappropriate” and that they would “degrade” the neighbourhood.