Premier League partners with Cadbury - and Spurs and Arsenal are choc full of stars

Tottenham's Toblerone Alderweireld

Tottenham's Toblerone Alderweireld - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

The Premier League announced today that they are partnering with Cadbury, prompting us to devise a list of past and present Tottenham and Arsenal players with chocolatey-sounding names.

Here’s what we’ve got. Tweet your suggestions to the @HamandHigh.

Toblerone Alderweireld

Marc Over-Mars

Freddo Kanoute

Graham Twix

Cameron Carter-Snickers

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Aero Ramsey

Trio Walcott

Flake Livermore

Per Maltesersacker

Eric Dier-y Milk

Mousa Dime-bele

Stephen Carr-amel

Terry’s Neill

Ricardo (Ferrero) Rocher

Picnic Barmby

Ga-lexi Sanchez