Popular artist back in Highgate with his new iPad collection

A favourite of the north London art crowd is returning to Highgate with an exhibition created using techniques old and new.

Philip Richardson has been displaying his work at Highgate Contemporary Art gallery in Highgate High Street since the late 1990’s and has returned with a collection of still life and landscape portraits.

The artist, who splits his time between Spain and Kent, has used the latest technology – an iPad – to help him create his current work after discovering that his phone was too small.

Mr Richardson said: “It’s just a tool I use, like oils or water paints, but it can help me jot things down that I would like to paint later.”

His latest exhibition is his seventh to be displayed in Highgate and Mr Richardson hopes to be back in two years with another body of work.

“Although I don’t live in London, I have a real affinity with Highgate as it has that lovely village feel to it,” he said.

The Philip Richardson Exhibition runs at Highgate Contemporary Art until 26 May.