Ham&High in-depth analysis: candidates quizzed by community (part 6)

PUBLISHED: 11:51 30 April 2010 | UPDATED: 16:57 07 September 2010

19) What are going to do about excessive parking charges around Hampstead Heath which prove too expensive for many visitors? GJ: I have always believed that you have to manage traffic and not let it manage you. If the charges are deemed to be excessiv

19) What are going to do about excessive parking charges around Hampstead Heath which prove too expensive for many visitors?

GJ: I have always believed that you have to manage traffic and not let it manage you. If the charges are deemed to be excessive then perhaps people will look at the possibility of taking the bus. SCORE = 0

EF: There are two sets of parking charges - those on the Heath and those around in Camden and Barnet. The objective really is do not drive - you can get to Hampstead Heath by the tube to Hampstead, Belsize Park or Highgate or the C11, 168 and 24 buses. SCORE = 0

CP: I would like to see Camden adopt a much safer and more tolerant approach to parking enforcement and fines. Although progress has been made there is still scope to improve the parking enforcement regime. SCORE = 0

BC: I do not think you solve this problem by making it less expensive. There is no question you have to regulate the parking because the streets around the Heath are not built for parking and not built for traffic. I think the heath needs a public transport system which would be akin to the shuttle service which runs in central London between all the museums and the major public transport hubs. The Heath needs to become part of a network so people can gain access to by a park and drive or shuttle service which will clear the streets of this parking problem which cannot be solved. SCORE = 0

20. What support would you give to organisations like St Stephen's Trust trying to save heritage buildings?

GJ: The church is just marvellous. When I remember what is was like before they have really turned it into something superb. It is transformed and it is a beautiful important building - now there has to be real community enjoyment and use of it. SCORE = 1

EF: There is no bottomless pit of money and this is a relatively controversial building. The restoration gives an amazing community facility but we need to prioritise improving the council housing stock. That said if the community support it we will roll up our sleeves and raise the money but it will be hard. SCORE = 1

CP: Voluntary groups do a fantastic job in all parts of our local community. They often do a much better job that the government organisations and offer much better value for money. I would like to see more government spending given to voluntary groups. SCORE = 4

BC: We would support them. I don't think I have got anything more to say than that. SCORE = 0

21) How do the candidates propose to deal with the £255million shortfall being faced by hospitals in the North Central London NHS?

GJ: I would like to see the really accurate figures for this. We have seen a massive investment in the NHS in London and the country as a whole. What we need to realise is that NHS services are not exclusively about hospitals. We have seen the opening of a brand new health centre in Kentish Town with more planned for Camden. Primary care is an essential part of making us a healthier nation. SCORE = 0

EF: I have a fundamental criticism of the way hospitals are managed and how they are unaccountable for the money they spend. I hear it from nurses, cleaners and consultants that money is being wasted and not reaching the frontline. Hospitals should open their books up for the public and the Royal Free has a particularly bad record of this. SCORE = 1

CP: Labour has tied up the NHS in targets and micromanagement which are vastly expensive to administer. Half the NHS's 1.3million staff are administrators or managers. This is far too high and by reducing targets and micromanagement we can free up doctors and nurses and get more money to the frontline. We are also committed to growing the NHS budget. SCORE = 0

BC: Under the Labour government massive new investment in the NHS has made a great difference, however Britain in the last 10 years has been catching up after decades of under investment. What we spend is low compared to other countries in Europe. Out health service is still under funded compared to countries like France and Germany. You may think we are spending fortunes on health but by comparison we are not. We have to take the money from the public purses. SCORE = 0

22) Would you oppose cuts to the national education budget?

GJ: We are not proposing cuts to the education budget. It is one of those areas we have ring-fenced. SCORE = 4

EF: Yes I would definitely oppose cutes to the education budget. I have worked in education for 10 years and I am a governor at two schools. Education is the only way out of any problem we have. SCORE = 4

CP: This is about getting money to the frontline. What matters is how much money reaches the classroom. We want to reduce targets, excessive testing to fund savings we can transfer into the classroom. SCORE = 0

BC: Yes, yes, yes. SCORE = 3

23) Would you change the law so that there is strict (assumed) liability for motor vehicle drivers where a motorist harms a cyclist or pedestrian as a result of involvement in a collision?

GJ: It all comes down to the assumption of liability that is difficult to prove. We would certainly increase the penalties when there has been serious injury but we see it all the time that pedestrians just step off the pavement. SCORE = 0

EF: Yes. It works in Holland and we need to reverse the assumption that the car is king. Cycling is the way forward for Camden and this country. SCORE = 4

CP: No. I believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. I do support tougher penalties if someone injures a cyclist and you can prove it. But I don't think you can assume someone is guilty. Everyone has that right it is the principle underpinning English law. SCORE = 0

BC: Yes. We need to change our consciousness so it is understood that driving a car is being in charge of a potentially lethal weapon. SCORE = 4

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