Ham&High in-depth analysis: candidates quizzed by community (part 4)

PUBLISHED: 11:52 30 April 2010 | UPDATED: 16:57 07 September 2010

11) How would you remedy what you consider to be the most important issue in the UK? GJ: The most important issue is maintaining what everyone acknowledges is a very delicate recovery. It has to be supported and we cannot pull the plug on it at this stag

11) How would you remedy what you consider to be the most important issue in the UK?

GJ: The most important issue is maintaining what everyone acknowledges is a very delicate recovery. It has to be supported and we cannot pull the plug on it at this stage. That is the most overwhelming issue for the country at the moment. We need to invest in what is the country's greatest natural resource - our people. SCORE = 3

EF: Climate change. We need to remove the excuses for not insulating homes, make transport better and have a real commitment to environmental policies as well as food grown locally and the local transition movements. SCORE = 2

CP: Fixing the broken economy and getting Great Britain working again. We need to control public spending, get taxes down, free public services from bureaucracy and protect our environment for the next generation. SCORE = 4

BC: What this country needs NOW is an ethic that will achieve a sustainable society and a sustainable environment and that ethic has to unite a passion for equality and a passion for ecology. SCORE = 3


A) What are you going to do reinstate a post office facility in South End Green?

B) What steps will you take to ensure licensing legislation we feel currently favours big chain pubs over residents is repealed and the balance between both parties is restored?

GJ: A) The last time I contacted the post office they had a scheme to replace some of the post offices but I have not seen the details of it. One of them could be in South End Green - the issue is funding and if there is a business already there willing to take on a sub post office.

B) This is something that was being looked at as far as the government is concerned. The changes that have already been introduced certainly did a great deal more to balance up what had been a totally inequitable system when I was first elected when the council could put up tiny posters and the magistrates would sit at times when people could not attend because they were at work. SCORE = 0

EF: A) I have always believed that the Royal Free could put in a bid to open a post office. It requires the council to back it and the residents and it is something I will fight for.

B) I would reverse licensing law the same as planning law because the two go hand in hand. There is a power of recall for residents which has been underused but it feels a bit OTT. It needs testing in a way which is not threatening. I would support some kind of community panel which intermittently review all licensing in a certain area. SCORE = 4

CP: A) I would encourage Camden Council to follow the example of Essex Council in re-establishing post offices in the borough.

B) I would give councils more discretion to refuse licensing applications. SCORE = 1

BC: A) Just reinstate it. We have a plan for opening closed post offices and connecting post offices to small local banking systems which are customer and client orientated rather than corporate orientated.

B) I think that the laws of licensing are one of these areas which is very important and yet not regarded as very interesting. It is a really hot issue and the local authorities need to be really careful and committed about how they think about the context in which pubs are licensed and lap dancing clubs are licensed and any other facilities that become a social nuisance. We now have the opportunity about how we really engage in the policies of licensing. SCORE = 3

13) To what extent and how will you go about supporting the Hampstead 2020 vision?

GJ: I will support the 2020 vision. Of course one supports it - it is an issue vital to all of us. SCORE = 3

EF: I have always believed in de-cluttering high streets and stopping pointless and obstructive street furniture. The great thing about 2020 is that it is led by residents and the council should listen and learn from that. SCORE = 4

CP: I think Farokh's plans are visionary and we need to encourage more freethinking like this. I would like to see this approach trialled somewhere in the borough. SCORE = 4

BC: I think the we are uniquely placed to deliver this. We are committed to a 65 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. We are committed to massive £44billion investment in a green economy and in the creation of one million new green jobs. SCORE = 0

14) How would you help promote greater mutual respect between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to improve road safety?

GJ: We introduced a priority system for our roads that gives pedestrians priority followed by cyclists. We installed cycle lanes but we do not have an ever expanding road space and we have to acknowledge that the space has to be shared. I absolutely support cyclists but they must abide by the rules and not ride on the pavement. SCORE = 3

EF: Cars, cyclists and pedestrians can all exist at once and the de-cluttering roads and pavements can help all three. There needs to be a conversation between all three. SCORE = 2

CP: I would like to see be better understanding between the groups and also stronger penalties for motorists who injure cyclists. SCORE = 1

BC: As a life long cyclist I remember being outraged by the disappearance of cycle lanes from Central London streets and we now have a long way to catch up, who uniquely have a critical mass in London unlike other cities in the UK. The bike lane is crucial in the relationship between the motor vehicle the combustion engine and the pedal. It will contribute massively to the calming of our streets. We would dramatically increase the bike lanes and make it normal for there to be bikes on the streets of London. We would introduce the 20 mile an hour limit and our streets are now so pot holed that cyclists are increasingly having to veer into the middle of the road and that makes it unsafe for both them and drivers. We also need more public transport and calmer and safer streets. SCORE = 1

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