Police to Highgate burglary victims: ‘Try and solve crime yourselves’

Police have allegedly told a burglary victim to try to solve the crime herself after £3,000 worth of her grandmother’s antique jewellery was stolen from her Highgate home – including her mother’s wedding ring.

Production director Suzy Goodall’s flat was one of three plundered by thieves in Northwood Road last Friday afternoon in the space of 30 minutes.

She has been left devastated by the loss of “precious” jewellery given by her late grandmother, which included her mother’s wedding and engagement rings.

The burglars were caught on CCTV, but officers allegedly told her that the footage will not count as evidence, and advised her to gather information herself to trace the culprits.

However, police have denied this and said they take burglaries “very seriously”.

Ms Goodall, 30, who has edited and released the CCTV footage online, said: “The police have been helpful, but the impression they’ve given us is that we need to solve the crime ourselves as they have lots going on, it’s very common, and it’s very rare to catch anyone.”

She added: “It’s a horrible feeling, the first time I’ve ever been burgled. I feel so sad that the things my grandma gave to me I will never see again.

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“But there’s nothing we can do and that’s why I want to be pro-active.”

A spokesman for Haringey Police said: “We can confirm that officers from Haringey are investigating the burglary. The Metropolitan Police Service take the offence of burglary very seriously.

“Police in Haringey are doing everything within their powers to target offenders operating in the borough and to arrest them when they least expect it.”

The CCTV footage shows two unidentifiable men enter the converted house just after 12.30pm and come out minutes later with a bag belonging to Ms Goodall, thought to be full of her and her fiancée’s possessions.

Among items stolen were £200 worth of foreign currency Ms Goodall kept from travels to more than 40 different countries, two laptops, and, bizarrely, iPhone headphones and a charger.

The same men return three minutes later, when it is thought they smashed through the doors of two other flats to steal laptops, aftershave, bags and sunglasses.

Ms Goodall, who does not have contents insurance, said: “I don’t want the money back, I want the jewellery as I couldn’t buy it again.

“Maybe someone saw them. Maybe they saw someone get into a car and know what type of car it was. Anything might help.”

No arrests have been made and police enquiries are ongoing.