Police investigate after Sir Keir Starmer involved in road accident with cyclist

Police are investigating a collision involving the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in Kentish Town, which saw a cyclist taken to hospital.

The Holborn and St Pancras MP is understood to have been driving around midday on Sunday when the crash occurred at the junction of Prince of Wales Road and Grafton Road.

A spokesperson for Mr Starmer said: “Keir was involved in a minor road traffic accident on Sunday.

“He spoke to a British Transport Police officer who attended the scene and swapped details with the officer and the other individual involved.

“Keir stayed at the scene until the ambulance arrived. Later that afternoon, he reported the incident to a police station in accordance with the law.

“Since the incident, Keir has also been in touch with the other individual involved.”

A Met Police spokesperson said an investigation into the collision was ongoing and that a cyclist was taken to hospital with a minor injury to their arm.