Police ban Chinese lanterns and fireworks from Primrose Hill over fears they could ignite nearby homes


fireworks - Credit: Archant

Camden police have warned those planning to make the trek up to Primrose Hill on Bonfire Night to think twice about letting off Chinese lanterns or fireworks over fears they could set light to nearby homes.

Officers will be guarding all entrances to the park to stop anyone attempting to bring in the paper lanterns or their own fireworks.

They say anyone found with the offending items will be asked to surrender them and may not be allowed into the park.

Inspector Chris Churchman, from the Metropolitan Police’s Royal Parks team, said: “I urge members of the public not to attend Primrose Hill with fireworks this year.

“This will allow my officers to focus their efforts on anyone intent on causing danger by throwing fireworks around and will be an immense help to us in keeping the public safe.”

The firework display on Primrose Hill was cancelled several years ago due to safety concerns but police have since experienced problems with people letting off their own fireworks and Chinese lanterns.

Police say fireworks were even thrown at officers two years ago and lanterns have drifted onto the roofs of nearby homes.

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Mark Bridger, assistant park manager for Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, said: “The summit of Primrose Hill isn’t suitable for hosting a display or for people to bring their own fireworks.

“Paper lanterns can be dangerous when lit in densely populated areas and cause damage to the park.”

Large dot matrix screens will be used to provide up-to-date messages to the watching crowds on Primrose Hill, with the park closing at 9pm.