Plans to turn Gondar Gardens reservoir in West Hampstead into shops refused a second time

Gondar Gardens resevoir, the proposed development site. Picture: GARA

Gondar Gardens resevoir, the proposed development site. Picture: GARA - Credit: Archant

A planning appeal to win approval for a scheme to build homes on a reservoir site in West Hampstead has been dismissed.

The appeal was dismissed over concerns that the design of 28 residences proposed for the Gondar Gardens reservoir site in Gondar Gardens would not be in keeping with the look of other West Hampstead buildings.

Permission to build 16 houses on the land was granted on appeal last year.

But an appeal to reverse Camden Council’s refusal for planning permission for the 28 homes was turned down by an inspector on Monday.

The developer now has four options - to build the first scheme of 16 houses, to improve the design of the second scheme of 28 residences and re-submit it for planning permission, to prepare another scheme combining elements of both, or to sell the site.

The reservoir is home to rare slow worms, as well as bats and owls.

The Gondar and Agamemnon Residents’ Association has campaigned tirelessly against both developments, saying that the site should not be built on.

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The impact on open space and parking for the second development to build shops was considered acceptable by the planning inspector.

Chair of Gondar and Agamemnon Residents’ Association, David Yass, said: “We are delighted with the dismissal of this appeal but very aware that this is just one step in a long-running saga.

“Now that this appeal is over, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with the developer their intentions for the site.”