Plans for 60ft 5G mast in Crouch End 'not in keeping' with conservation area

The proposed location in Wolseley Road (left) for the 5G mast

The proposed location in Wolseley Road (left) for the 5G mast - Credit: Google

A local councillor said she “fails to see in any way” how plans for an 18-metre 5G mast in Crouch End are in keeping with its conservation area.

The 60ft pole would stand on the pavement of the corner of Wolseley Road and Park Road, under pre-planning application proposals lodged by Three.  

The UK’s 5G network provider has put forward the rooftop of the Broadway Waitrose as its second choice location.  

The plans have been challenged by Crouch End councillor Tammy Palmer and the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum.

Three said it would try to make the mast “as unobtrusive as possible” – but that specific locations were required to ensure the widest breadth of coverage.  

“I fail to see how a 60 foot tall, bright blue pole located in a prominent town centre position on a busy pavement is in any way in keeping with a conservation area, or a suitable application," Cllr Palmer said. 

“As the rollout of 5G masts gathers pace it is important that all usual planning considerations apply, and inappropriate applications are not waved through due to the benefits they bring.  

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“We should be reducing, not adding to, the amount of street clutter on our pavements in order to keep them accessible for all residents.   

“What's more, Crouch End is a conservation area, and any applications that detract from that cannot be justified."

Lib Dem councillor Tammy Palmer said poor quality housing in the borough was driving families into p

Cllr Tammy Palmer (Lib Dem, Crouch End) - Credit: Archant

Mark Afford, the chair of the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum, said: “Clearly there's a case to upgrade connectivity, so needs must and the kit would have to go somewhere.   

“However, an 18m tall mast in a conservation area should require at least prior approval, so residents may have opportunity to comment on the location.” 

A Three spokesperson said: “Access to 5G has a vital role to play in boosting local economies, helping residents and businesses get faster and more reliable network coverage. 

“A new site will be critical to making that happen. We are happy to discuss the site with the council, and will work with them to find a way forwards.” 

The spokesperson said 5G wireless technology needs longer antennae as it uses shorter wavelengths that do not travel as far as previous versions such as 3G and 4G.  

In December, Haringey Council refused permission for equipment including six antennas atop Eton Court in Shepherds Hill, Highgate.  

A planning application has not yet been submitted for the Wolseley Road proposals.