Pictures: London Zoo dishes out the Hallowe’en treats

There cannot be many occasions when the Jack O’Lantern is the less scary – or orange – thing in a picture.

This pumpkin is certainly losing out on both counts, although the innocent expression on Sumatran tiger Jae Jae’s face belies how dangerous he can be.

This is the American tiger’s first Hallowe’en at London Zoo after the four-year-old was flown in from Akron Zoo in Ohio.

It is hoped he will take a shine to Melati, who was brought over from Perth, Australia.

The pair will take centre stage in the zoo’s new tiger enclosure, due to be opened early next year.

But he wasn’t the only animal who got to enjoy a Hallowe’en treat at the Regent’s Park attraction.

Raja the Komodo dragon and the meerkats were also captured on film munching on pumpkins and the treats within.