PICTURES: Keir Starmer’s wife joins Camden group on Women’s March For London

Victoria Starmer, left, wife of Holborn and St Pancras MP Kier Starmer sets off with her daughter on

Victoria Starmer, left, wife of Holborn and St Pancras MP Kier Starmer sets off with her daughter on the march - Credit: Archant

A group including MP Keir Starmer’s wife Victoria set off this morning from Kentish Town tube station to join thousands on a solidarity march through London in the wake of the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.

The Women’s March on London event was held in conjunction with others taking place in cities across the world to promote women’s and human rights.

They started marching from the American Embassy in London and snaked their way around the streets of the capital finishing with a rally in Trafalgar Square.

The movement states on its website that the US election “proved a catalyst for a grassroots movement of women to assert the positive values that the politics of fear denies”.

Among the Kentish Town group was mother of three and flower shop owner Louise Chamberlain. She said she despaired at the “negativity” of Mr Trump’s victorious election campaign and the “dark rhetoric” entering politics in general.

Ms Chamberlain said: “It’s about showing solidarity and spreading positive values because everything has been so negative lately.”

Jane Scott, from Cricklewood, said: “It felt good to be there, surrounded by thousands of people who “want to build bridges not walls”. It felt a very safe, very supportive mass of people. Women were in the majority but there were men and children there too. I went because I think I have to say every day for the next four years, that Trump, Farage, et al, do not speak for me.

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Another organiser of the demonstration, Hackney-based Emma McNally, said: “People getting offline and coming together is a pretty heartening and encouraging experience – it’s inspiring.”

Jehane Markham, also from Kentish Town, described the march as an attempt to “wake up our government to the seriousness of the situation and to stop the normalisation of the power-crazy billionaire who has won the American election.”