Pictures for Nazanin: Children welcome home West Hampstead mum

"Welcome Back Nazanin" – children leave drawings at Emmanuel Church in West Hampstead

"Welcome Back Nazanin" – children leave drawings at Emmanuel Church in West Hampstead - Credit: Charlotte Samuel

Children have drawn pictures to welcome home West Hampstead mum Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who spent six years detained in Iran.

Nazanin was reunited with her husband and daughter after the UK finally agreed to settle a £400m debt dating back to the 1970s. 

During her captivity the community held #Free Nazanin protests and marches in support of her husband Richard Ratcliffe's campaign to get her home.

Charlotte Samuels, a former events organiser who runs the Pramstead Facebook group, is appealing to the community to get creative with letters or pictures of support.

The mum-of-three is keen to have positive messages sent to Emmanuel Church, in Lyncroft Gardens, after Nazanin was trolled on social media after a press conference.

Pictures have been drawn by her two daughters, aged nine and six, who followed Nazanin's story.

"I don't want to overwhelm the family but I think it would be a nice gesture," said Charlotte, who also has a three-year-old son.

"My kids learned about me being involved in trying to free Nazanin and they wanted to paint the pictures when she was released. I told them I'd leave them at the church where we were protesting before."

Free Nazanin, No Stone Unturned event outside the Foreign Office on 10.03.18. Some of the hundreds o

Free Nazanin, No Stone Unturned event outside the Foreign Office on 10.03.18. Some of the hundreds of stones painted for Nazanin - Credit: Archant

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Charlotte said she felt "very overwhelmed" by Nazanin's release.

"We marched with Richard and the family and organised mums event with Tulip Siddiq and Emma Thompson at the Emmanuel Church in West Hampstead," she said.

"We were very involved in the background.

"I've been personally completely overwhelmed, crying a lot. I felt very emotionally involved. I related to the whole thing: I'm a mum myself, I'm bi-national. 

"From the beginning I felt this could happen to many bi-national mums, you could want to go and visit someone at home but you are not usually thrown in prison, being deprived of your passports and any rights whatsoever.

"This was very close to my heart for several years, To have this sudden, to me sudden, that she was actually being released which I didn't believe until she was taking off, it was very emotional."

She added: "The only thing we can do about those insane and stupid messages is not feed them and just try to spread positive messages.

"Just say we're completely happy that you are back and that you are safe and wish you the best of luck for this journey of getting together again as a family and getting back to normal life."