Petrified dog rescued from watery grave in Hampstead Heath ponds

Dramatic scenes unfolded at Hampstead Heath when an inquisitive dog had to be rescued after getting into trouble while swimming in one of the ponds.

The curious Cocker Spaniel was being walked by its owner through the beauty spot when it bounded ahead and leapt into one of the ponds on Saturday (November 5).

But the uncertain dog got into trouble in the water and began circling, its head barely bobbing above the surface.

Quick thinking Heath walkers ran to fetched lifeguard Steve O’Connell who dived into the water to rescue the petrified pooch, much to the delight of its relieved owner.

The drama was captured by photographer Ron Vester, a regular visitor to the Heath, who saw the scene unfold.

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He said: “It was clear the dog was in trouble.

“Its owner was calling ‘Kiara, Kiara’, but the Spaniel just kept circling.

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“Steve did a fantastic job. He dived right in thinking and saved the day.”

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