‘People power’ victory as traffic issues resolved in Camden and Gospel Oak

Roadworks on East Heath Road

Roadworks on East Heath Road - Credit: Archant

The power of the community in working for change has been demonstrated with steps taken to deal with two major traffic issues

After tireless campaigning from residents, local government has moved to resolve traffic issues in the heart of Camden and Gospel Oak.

Residents in Hampstead experienced traffic chaos last week, following the closure of East Heath Road for the demolition and rebuilding of a garden wall.

The wall, on private property, was unstable and likely to collapse at some stage.

Children were late for school as traffic snaked up into the distance.

But Hampstead councillor Stephen Stark worked swiftly, negotiating with contractor Tritonrestoration and Camden Council to re-open the road and divide the work into phases.

Cllr Stark said: “It is good news for Hampstead. We have managed to negotiate that instead of the road being closed and the work done in one phase and being closed to traffic until December, now the work will be divided up into bite-sized chunks and split into phases.

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“This means that the road will be reopened next week and traffic lights will control traffic.”

Hampstead solicitor Jessica Learmond-Criqui praised the willingness on the council’s part to take action and respond to residents’ concerns.

She said: “I’m really pleased that the conversation between residents and Camden has produced a solution for all and I would encourage continuing future dialogue in relation to road closures of this magnitude.”

Ms Learmond-Criqui now plans to set up a new transport group to consult with Camden over future road closures.

In another example of community action, disruptive National Gas Grid work in Mansfield Road has been suspended after popular protests.

The work fell behind schedule due to technical issues and traffic build-up.

A decision has been taken to suspend the works due to the return of school children following the summer holiday.