Pensioners forced to cancel holiday as scaffolding leaves them housebound

For 37 years June and Frank Perrin have escaped the hustle and bustle of West Hampstead every summer by holidaying in Cornwall.

But this year they were forced to cancel amid fears burglars could break into their home, in Kingsgate Road, by climbing on scaffolding which now surrounds their flat.

The structure was put up by Camden Council two months ago but Mrs Perrin says the local authority has still not carried out repair works.

Mrs Perrin, who has to use a walking frame due to a knee and hip replacement, said: “We can’t leave the flat with scaffolding around it because you don’t know who might get in. We don’t have much to lose but what we do have, we don’t want to lose.”

Mrs Perrin said the council told her there was asbestos in the roof but that nobody has shown up to investigate the problem.

She said: “It is not good that there is asbestos but at 80 you don’t worry about things like that anymore.

“I just hope something is done for everyone else in the building.”

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Residents in Inglewood Road, West Hampstead, have also expressed their concerns about safety due to the scaffolding.

Cllr Julian Fulbrook, cabinet member for housing, said: “The scaffolding at Kingsgate Road is necessary while investigations are carried out.

“This involves work to the roof, therefore it can be delayed if there is poor weather.

“The scaffolding was originally erected for these investigations to take place however the recent wet weather we have experienced has delayed the works.

“We expect the work to take place shortly and will be writing to update residents on the progress.”