Penguins eye up return to London Zoo

With Oyster cards in their back pockets, London Zoo’s penguins look like they are lining up ready to catch the bus back to the capital to check out their new home next week.

The penguins had been temporarily moved to Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire while their new pool was created back in London and the time has almost come for them to return.

The penguins at Whipsnade will form part of a 200-strong colony of penguins at London Zoo who will live in their new 450,000-litre pool which is four times bigger and three times deeper than their old home.

London zookeeper Adrian Walls said: “They might be sad to leave Whipsnade Zoo but they’re going to be amazed when they see their enormous new beachside pool.”

The new pool will open to the public on Friday, May 27.