Pedestrian thanks passers-by who helped after he was knocked down by motorbike in Crouch End hit and run.

Victim Nicolas Santos-Davila and and his girlfriend Sandy Logan

Victim Nicolas Santos-Davila and and his girlfriend Sandy Logan - Credit: Archant

A pedestrian who was run over by a motorbike at traffic lights in Crouch End has taken to social media to thank passers-by who stepped in to help him.

The spot where Mr Santos-Davilos was knocked over

The spot where Mr Santos-Davilos was knocked over - Credit: Archant

Mental health support worker Nicolas Santos-Davila, 34, from Muswell Hill has been left bruised and in pain after being hit by the motorbike as he crossed at traffic lights on Crouch End Broadway between the clocktower and Waitrose supermarket.

He described how he had just got off the 41 bus on his way home from work at around 8.30pm on Wednesday and was crossing over to catch the W7 when a motorbike ‘jumped the red lights’ knocking him down. The bike did not stop after hitting him.

Mr Santos-Davila said: “It was a hit and run and I was left pretty shaken up by it. after the adrenaline wore out I felt the pain, still feeling it now.”

He described being overwhelmed by how many passers-by came to help him.

“I was assisted by people that made sure I was ok, a gentleman called the emergency services on my behalf, another apparently grabbed the guy and tried to stop him running away and an entire group of people also grabbed the motorcycle that knocked me over and refused to let the guy pick up his bike and run off after it started leaking petrol

Mr Davila attended hospital and is now recovering at home.

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Once home, he realised that he hadn’t been able to thank anyone as he was put into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

So he went onto social media and joined the Crouch End Appreciation Society Facebook group.

He posted on the group’s page: “I just joined this group to give a huge thanks to the people of Crouch End. The thing is I was overwhelmed by how helpful everyone was. I have passed Crouch End so many times and loved the shops and atmosphere but at that moment I realised just how kind an dwonderful the people residing there are tool

“There are no words to describe how thankful me, my girlfriend and my family are for all your help.

“If anyone who was there is reading this please know you have my sincerest and eternal gratitude, I felt humbled by your kindness and it has encouraged me to pay it forward and show the same care and kindness in the future to others.

Bless you all.”

Police are now investigating the incident. “They have spoken to people at the scene and said they will get in touch with me,” said Mr Davila.

“Hopefully they will catch the guy, I mean I was very fortunate but I hate to imagine if it would have happened to someone more frail or less lucky.

“My family and girlfriend want to make sure I press charges if he is found, they are all very angry.”

Police are investigating the incident.