Parkland Walk campaigners beg Haringey Council to keep its covenants

Friends of Parkland Walk Elizabeth Sutton-Klein and Cathy Meeus. Photo: Nigel Sutton

Friends of Parkland Walk Elizabeth Sutton-Klein and Cathy Meeus. Photo: Nigel Sutton - Credit: Nigel Sutton

Activists have handed in a petition ahead of development works on the Parkland Walk to urge Haringey to remember its historical obligations to the nature trail

Planning officers granted permission for vehicles to cross the green space which runs from Highgate to Muswell Hill as part of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) this month.

This would allow investment banker Sebastian Eiseler to start converting a railway cottage into a seven-bedroom home with a basement at 3 Francis Place which is surrounded by the Parkland Walk.

But Haringey Council, the landowner, still has to grant the developers a licence.

Historical covenants on the property forbid vehicle access on the trail, and the removal of soil.

Friends of Parkland Walk handed in a petition with more than 2,500 signatures.

This is more than the 2,200 signatures necessary to trigger a full council debate.

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Cathy Meeus, Friends of Parkland Walk treasurer, said: “We ask the council to stand by its environment and community responsibility.

“There’s nothing archaic about this covenant.

“People feel passionately about the Parkland Walk.

“People have put a huge amount of effort into defending this space in London, used by people of all backgrounds.”

“It provides children with a sense of walking in the country, which is precious.”

This is Mr Eiseler’s second attempt to secure work on his property, after an initial plan was rejected.

His latest plan aims to minimise noise, dust and pollution.

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