Parking enforcement CCTV car caught on camera parked at Highgate bus stop

Traffic wardens lying in wait to capture parking violations on CCTV have been caught on camera parking in front of a bus stop in Highgate.

A Haringey Council mobile traffic and parking enforcement car, one of two that work to keep traffic moving through the borough’s roads, was snapped at a bus stop in High Street on Friday.

Stuart Bull, of Highgate Neighbourhood Development Forum, spotted the CCTV Smart car, emblazoned with the slogan “It’s you we’re working for”, at the bus stop outside Le Chocolatier and Highgate Butchers at 4.15pm.

When it was still there at 4.40pm, Mr Bull was quick to take out his phone and snap a photo of the car, which is allowed to park in restricted zones for short periods of time to carry out its enforcement work, before it drove off.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Rachel Allison, who represents Highgate ward at Haringey Council, will ask cabinet members at the next full council meeting to explain how the parking enforcement cars set a good example for road users.

“I think it is utterly ludicrous that it was parked in a bus stop,” she said. “The whole purpose of parking enforcement is to improve the flow of traffic. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Last summer the owners of Highgate Butchers feared they would have to close because their supplier kept being fined when it tried to make deliveries.

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The supplier was ticketed three times in one week and hit with a bill of £330.

It is not the first time a parking enforcement vehicle has been spotted parking in places that would be illegal for a civilian.

Allan Rapley, of the Highgate Village Business Association, said the car was outside Le Pain Quotidien bakery near a zebra crossing and a junction at 2pm on the same day.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Bob Hare, who also represents Highgate ward, said he has seen the cars blocking traffic in Hornsey Village.

“We do need enforcement, but on the right lines, in the right places,” he said. “What is the point in having lines if enforcement cars just block the road? They’ve got to park somewhere but why don’t they park round the corner in resident bays or business bays?”

A Haringey Council spokesperson said: “At the time at which the CCTV car was parked, it was not in contravention.

“This vehicle is permitted to park in front of the bus stop to enforce a banned right turn restriction further down the road at South Grove.”