Parade saved for Hornsey Royal British Legion

HOPES for the future of the Hornsey Royal British Legion have been raised after a do or die meeting yesterday.

Supporters met at the Hornsey Tavern pub where it was confirmed the remembrance parade will go ahead in November, before the fight to maintain the club continues in the new year.

Alysha Shirley, landlady at the Hornsey Tavern and local air cadet instructor, has offered the pub as a base to conduct Hornsey RBL operations.

She said: “The parade will definitely happen. At the moment we are concentrating our efforts on the remembrance parade and as soon as that is done, we will try and re-establish things.

“As far as the legion goes, it’s a work in progress but we have taken a positive step forward with the meeting. We are hoping to reconvene the branch and keep things going but we’ll look at that after the parade is done.

“The onus is on getting the community involved. We want as many people in the public to get involved as possible.

“I think we need to spread the word among the younger generations.”

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The future looked uncertain for the Hornsey RBL after its club on Elder Avenue closed earlier in August following a lack of support and funds.

But Ms Shirley says another meeting is planned in the coming weeks to decide plans for the remembrance parade while posters and flyers will be distributed throughout the community in the meantime.