Opposition to ‘Canary Wharf-style aeroplane’ flats in West Hampstead

Plans for an “aeroplane wing” roof on a block of flats have received a hostile reception from West Hampstead residents.

A beloved garden centre in Iverson Road is set to be replaced by a block of flats - which could soar to six storeys, residents were told at a meeting in Sidings Community Centre last week.

Residents slammed the disproportionate size and the height of the building, which could house up to 38 flats.

They said it would look out of place in West Hampstead.

James Earl, of the Fordwych Road Residents Association, said: “Some people said it would look like an aeroplane wing and I agree to the extent that it is very contentious.

“It would fit into somewhere like Canary Wharf but in West Hampstead it would not.

“All the surrounding buildings are made of brick and this one is not at all and it could be a bit of an eyesore.”

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A spokeswoman for architects Indigo Planning, based in Chancery Lane, said residents’ views will be taken into consideration and will feed into the final planning application to Camden Council.