Oldfields Restaurants - Wild Boar Pie, Wild Boar. RECIPE



1 pound of diced wild boar legHalf a small onion, diced1 stick of celery, diced1 small carrot, dicedHalf a litre of chicken stockSprig of thymeHalf a clove of chopped garlic25g of redcurrant jelly75g of shortcrust pastry


1. In a hot saucepan brown off the wild boar, add the vegetables, herbs and the redcurrant jelly and cover with the beef stock. Simmer gently until the boar is tender. Stir to break up the meat and reduce the liquid down until it thickens. Allow to cool and place into ramekins.

2. Roll the pastry slightly larger than the dish. Place on top of the ramekin, brush with egg and bake at 180C for 15 minutes until the pastry is golden.

3. Place the pie just off-centre on a plate. Add some onion jam and dressed leaves to serve.