Now an iPhone app that can tell when bus is due

No more last-minute dash for no-show services

�A West Hampstead resident has launched London’s first ever Bus Countdown iPhone application to provide live bus arrival information, reduce the time spent waiting at bus stops and crucially, to give commuters precious extra minutes in bed.

Carl Partridge of Narcissus Road, West Hampstead, was fed up waiting at bus stops not knowing when the next one would come, so he created the app, which gives live arrival information for all 20,000 stops in London.


It has been recommended by the Apple store as a top new app and after launching last week, has been downloaded by hundreds of people.

The computer science graduate and part-time comedy writer said: “It’s all about cutting down on those mad dashes to the bus stop only to find out that the bus has just gone or is still 10 minutes away.”

Carl cites frustration over waiting for the 328 bus from West Hampstead to Chelsea and the 31 to Shepherds Bush as the inspiration behind his work.

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The service could be even more useful now that Transport for London (TfL) plans to cut the number of bus stops fitted with arrival information boards.

“So many people stand at bus stops wondering whether they could have had enough time to have spent a few more minutes in bed,” he said.

Now those travelling can stop wondering and use the app, which tracks TfL information, to find out about arrival times, cancellations or delays, without having to leave their home or workplace.

Information is available at