North London milkmen blocked from using Milk & More depot after talking to the Ham&High

Milkmen in north London have complained at their treatment by an industry giant. Picture: Linnaea Ma

Milkmen in north London have complained at their treatment by an industry giant. Picture: Linnaea Mallette - Public Domain - Credit: Archant

Doorstep milk delivery firm Milk & More banned two north London milkmen from entering their milk depot after the pair complained to the Ham&High about their treatment at the end of a supply contract.

Mike Fuller and Tony Drew were told yesterday that they would not be able to enter the depot - owned by Milk & More - in Edmonton for the final day of their contract.

Mike, who delivers to East Finchley, and Tony, based in Highgate, were given the news by a colleague from their Capital Dairies buying group.

Mike and Tony were the only two men who spoke to this newspaper, and they were the only two to be unable to complete the last delivery round of the supply contract - which would have been this morning.

Mike told the Ham&High: "We were told by Milk & More that we can't enter.

"This is the sort of company they are. Because our names were mentioned, we are not allowed to set foot in the depot. We have been locked out because we made a complaint."

Capital Dairies - a group of ten milkmen - have worked out of the Edmonton Green depot under a number of suppliers, but with the Muller-owned Milk & More now expanding its in-house delivery service, the milkmen were told to either move to Barking or give up their rounds.

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This was, Mike said, "unworkable".

They were told their contract was to end and given short notice that it would not be renewed. It was extended in October until November 23, but the men said they had been forced to scramble to find an alternative supplier to remain in north London.

The dairy company said it had hoped to discuss the situation with Mike and Tony.

The group instead were able to find a short-term solution that was more convenient - with the help of the independent Ongar Dairies in Epping, but until this week Milk&More had been expecting the group to move to working from Barking.

A Milk & More spokesperson said: "We invited both Mike Fuller and Tony Drew to discuss the situation but it was made extremely clear to us that this would not happen.

"We feel their behaviour was unacceptable so as a result, have been forced to restrict their access to our Edmonton Centre. We are unable to provide further comment at this time."