Gorgeous Brewery: Cheers! The Bull’s brewery offers up a free pint to launch its new beer garden

Rob Laub and his sister Samantha with his bulldog Rodney, at the brewery in Highgate. Picture: Gorge

Rob Laub and his sister Samantha with his bulldog Rodney, at the brewery in Highgate. Picture: Gorgeous Brewery - Credit: Archant

A Highgate brewery will offer punters a free pint of its summer beverage this weekend as it launches its new beer garden.

Gorgeous Brewery, which is part of the Bull Pub, was founded in 2016. It was started by publican Rob Laub after he took over the venue a year before.

He said: "When we bought the pub we inherited a small brewing kit, no bigger than a home brewing kit.

"Luckily we also inherited the head brewer, Reuben, and we started brewing things from there. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and without him we wouldn't have been able to do it."

Even though Rob didn't have any previous experience brewing, it went from strength to strength.

The council granted it permission to build an extension behind the pub in North Hill, allowing it to expand. Since then it has brewed a range of beers, including Rob's favourite, the Guzzla lager. It is also bottled on site, and sold in the pub and around London.

The opportunity to be able to offer customers beer brewed on site is something he enjoys.

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He said: "It is fulfilling when you have guests who are enjoying an experience, and to have a product that guests are enjoying, especially when it's something you're making, is even better."

The enterprise is family run - 32-year-old Rob handles the business side while his sister Samantha runs the advertising and branding of the beers. The duo are also joined by Rob's bulldog, Rodney, who is often seen in the pub.

The brewery's name was also Samantha's idea, and follows that of the pub company they set up.

"It comes from our grandmother Marion," said Rob. "She worked in pubs all her life, and when she had a drink she'd say 'that's gorgeous'. All the names we tried, and when we were trying beers, that was what we came back to."

The new beer that will be given out to drinkers who go to the Bull's summer party on Saturday - details below - is Gutentag, a German wheat beer, infused with passion fruit. It was sold at last week's Taste of London festival in Regent's Park, and according to Rob it was the most popular beer on offer.

"It's a lot fruitier and a little bit tart because of the passionfruit," said Rob, "and a bit different from what we've done before."

The Bull's summer party, including a barbecue, will take place at the pub, in North Hill, on Saturday between 2pm and 5pm.