New road name solves problem for Little Venice postman

Council resolves dilemma of three identical house addresses

Little Venice residents – and the local postman – are celebrating after a simple name change has spelt an end to a logistical nightmare that has lasted more than a decade.

Letters and parcels have been ending up at the wrong address for years as the postman was left to choose between 1A Maida Avenue, 1A Maida Avenue or 1A (Stafford House) Maida Avenue, all within 20 metres of each other.

The situation had been an annoyance for many decades, with 1A Maida Avenue wrongly mistaken for 1A (Stafford House) Maida Avenue.

But events took a turn for the worse when a house was built on an unnamed mews off the road and given an identical address and postcode to the original 1A Maida Avenue.

Earlier this month a resolution was finally found when the council gave a name to the previously unnamed mews.

Westminster deputy leader Cllr Robert Davis said the council had received a complaint and so they decided to name the mews Callard Close which “derives from the name of a builder who constructed houses in the old ‘Paddington Wood’ in 1807”.

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Pamela Malter-Daries, of the original 1A Maida Avenue, said: “I thought they were going to give it a name which had something to do with water because of the canal.

“But frankly I don’t really care what the name is. I’m delighted that it has finally happened and I hope it will solve our problems.”