New on-the-spot fines for park louts who drop litter and leave dog mess

Park campaigners have welcomed the new on-the-spot fines that can be dished out to louts who drop litter, leave dog mess or cycle in banned areas in Regent’s Park and Hyde Park.

New notices have been erected in the parks warning people that police officers will be able to issue �50 fines for littering, cycling outside designated cycle areas and failing to clear up after a dog in the Royal Parks.

The power, which came into force last month, has been welcomed by the Friends of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill.

Judy Hillman, patron of the society, said: “It’s an excellent idea. It’s not clobbering people for money.

“There have been regulations for years that you have to clean up after your dog, that you must not drop litter and that you can only cycle in certain places but it’s a great palaver to take people to court so they wanted to be able to issue fixed penalty notices.

“This is a way of keeping the park more enjoyable for other people.”

The new legislation gives police officers patrolling the Royal Parks the same powers as in London’s other parks and public spaces.