New Mini puts Highgate in the fast lane

The rivalry between Hampstead and Highgate looks set to step up a gear.

Manufacturers of the iconic Mini car have brought out a new convertible, the Mini Highgate, in the latest in its series of special editions named after fashionable London districts.

Chosen for its association with “one of the most exclusive London suburbs”, Heathman can only imagine what Hampstead residents on the other side of the Heath think of the snub.

Nick Roberts, director of the Hexagon dealership in Great North Road, East Finchley, said the name of the �21,000 convertible has worldwide appeal.

“It is a lovely looking car. It looks fantastic when you see it and the name brings a certain kudos,” he said.

Commenting on the chocolate brown convertible, he added: “The Highgate look suits the area. It is slightly different and absolutely gorgeous.”

He quashed speculation the car was inspired by the dealership, which used to be in Highgate. But it seems there is still hope for those with an eye on a Mini Hampstead.

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Mr Roberts said: “They probably kept the name Hampstead back. They may have kept it up their sleeve for a different design so there might be one on the horizon.”