'People are going hungry and it's not right': New food bank launched in Childs Hill

The Rev'd Robin Sims-Williams helps stock shelves at the Childs Hill food bank.

The Rev'd Robin Sims-Williams helps stock shelves at the Childs Hill food bank. - Credit: Childs Hill Food Bank

A new food bank has opened in Childs Hill, and as it asks for donations from the community, the volunteers behind it have bemoaned the circumstances which have led to food poverty in the area. 

Based out of All Saint’s Church in Church Walk, the new food bank has been operational since September. 

One of the founders, Pauline Drayson, explained: “I saw a local need and really wanted to help neighbours struggling with food poverty. People in our community are at risk going hungry and it isn’t right.” 

Childs Hill food bank volunteers Amanda and Tracy-Lee with some donations.

Childs Hill food bank volunteers Amanda and Tracy-Lee. - Credit: Childs Hill Food Bank

The food bank runs from the church every Saturday between 10 and 12, with volunteers on hand to supply food parcels and other essentials such as toiletries.

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The Rev’d Robin Sims-Williams from the church added: “It has been wonderful to be able to open All Saints church to help our community in this way. It has been so encouraging to have over 40 volunteers working with us to try and help. We are also so thankful to all those who have donated food.”

Since opening the team have distributed more than 200 vital food parcels. 

Local Labour councillor Anne Clarke continued: “It’s really sad that the food bank is needed but I can’t see the need going away any time soon. With the rise in local employment and underemployment, food poverty will also continue to grow. It is wonderful that the food bank has been able to pull together for the community so quickly. We’ll be here as long as we are needed.”

The charity is hoping to help “fill a gap” in the community and provide help for families to get out of long-term financial trouble.

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A website is under development, in the mean time donations can be made by posting a cheque to the church payable to Childs Hill Food Bank.