New Extinction Rebellion group launches in Highgate

Jane Leggett has started a new Extinction Rebellion Highgate group. Picture: Jane Leggett

Jane Leggett has started a new Extinction Rebellion Highgate group. Picture: Jane Leggett - Credit: Archant

A new Extinction Rebellion group in Highgate is hoping there is “no going back” to the 21st century’s polluting lifestyle when the coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

Climate activist Jane Leggett has founded the Highgate group and invited any eco-conscious members of the community to join.

She has been working with numerous other local sustainability groups to set up the branch, such as Transition Highgate and Highgate Society’s Sustainable Living.

Having been a member of Extinction Rebellion Haringey since January this year, Jane decided to start the new group to serve a potentially untapped area.

“We are interested in the climate crisis, green issues, and biodiversity, and it’s really important from a Extinction Rebellion point of view to grow the number of people involved by beginning to educate them about the crisis,” Jane said.

“It’s not like coronavirus that is staring you in the face but it is going to get us all unless we do something about it very soon.”

The environment activists held their first meeting on April 23 and have already scheduled in two talks - on May 23 with an as-yet unconfirmed speaker and on June 27 with Rob Hopkins, author of From What Is To What If.

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If the Covid-19 lockdown is still in force these free talks will take place virtually over Zoom, but if it has been lifted they will be in Omved Gardens in Highgate.

The group has agreed there will be no direct action until the pandemic is over, but is working on an anti-litter campaign for Hampstead Heath using the slogan “love the heath, leave no trace”.

Jane, who is a retired teacher, envisages one of the group’s first campaigns will be to reduce traffic on Highgate High Street.

Extinction Rebellion, an international apolitical network using non-violent direct action to lobby government, hit the headlines last year by blocking roads and holding up airports in nationwide protests.

To join the Extinction Rebellion Highgate group or find out more about the talks, email Jane on