Neighbours complain after noisy house party at Jude Law’s Highgate home

Jude Law. Picture: PA

Jude Law. Picture: PA - Credit: PA WIRE

A-list actor Jude Law is in hot water with some of his neighbours after the noise from a lively party at his Highgate home was likened to a “major festival event”.

Police and Camden Council noise officers were called out on Saturday night to the address following complaints from nearby residents.

The party was held the night before Mr Law visited the migrant camp known as the Calais “Jungle” on Sunday to highlight the plight of children living in squalid conditions.

It is not known whether Mr Law was in attendance at the party.

Mature student Carolyn Mitchell, who heard the noise from her home one street away, said music blared out until 3am.

Mrs Mitchell, who did not lodge an official complaint with the council, said: “It was terrifically noisy. It was like having a major festival event next door, it was that loud, with songs blaring out on an extremely loud sound system. It felt like a concert, the audience was responding to the songs. It sounded like a live event.

“It’s not at all ‘Highgate’. I couldn’t get to sleep, there was nowhere in the house where I couldn’t hear it, even with all the windows

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closed, and it can’t have just been me.” Another neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The noise was unreal.

“My whole family couldn’t sleep. I’ve been here for a long time, but it hasn’t happened like this before.”

But not all neighbours took offense at the late night party.

The Rev Jonathan Trigg said: “I heard some music at about 2am but then I went back to sleep. It wasn’t too bad.” Another resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “We actually thought it was quite civilised, with a jazz band. There was a party [at another house] a few weeks back that was much thumpier.”

A source close to Mr Law said it was up to neighbours to dispute whether the party was “pleasant or noisy”.

A Camden Council spokeswoman said the noise protection team attended the house and

asked for the music to be turned down. They waited another 40 minutes for the volume to remain low before leaving, she said.

A police spokesman said: “Police were called at 1.55am on Sunday to a report of anti-social behaviour – loud noise.

“The caller was advised that it was a matter for the council and environmental health department.”

Highgate is home to several A-list celebrities including Kate Moss, George Michael, and Jamie Oliver.

Representatives of Mr Law declined to comment.