Complaints after huge flat party in Belsize Park sees police called on repeated nights

Police were called to a party in Belsize Park. Picture: Bernhard Raschke

Police were called to a party in Belsize Park. Picture: Bernhard Raschke - Credit: Bernhard Raschke

Police were called to Belsize Park on Sunday night after neighbours reported “up to 100” young people shouting and fighting at a party in a rented property in Lyndhurst Gardens.

Scotland Yard officers engaged with those at the party, with witnesses describing it as a “stand-off”.

Neighbours Bernhard and Anke Raschke were among those disturbed by antisocial behaviour and called the police.

Bernhard said: “Throughout the evening young people kept arriving by car or motorbike.

“It was very loud and continued into the early hours. We went out for dinner and came back and everything was still going.”

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Roger Montgomery, who runs the area’s neighbourhood watch, said it was a shocking event.

Police said officers gave advice to those present, but no arrests were made.

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Neighbours said a large amount of litter and broken glass was left in the road, and up towards Belsize Crescent, after the party.

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