Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe makes daughter Gabriella ‘freedom’ dress from Iran jail cell

Nazanin made Gabriella this freedom pinafore in her Iran jail with leftover wool from other prisoner

Nazanin made Gabriella this freedom pinafore in her Iran jail with leftover wool from other prisoners which Gabriella has worn every day - Credit: Archant

The husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has released this heartbreaking picture of his daughter Gabriella wearing a ‘freedom’ pinafore her mother has made for her with leftover wool in prison in Iran.

Nazanin and Richard's three-year-old daughter Gabriella wearing a 'freedom pinafore' her mother made

Nazanin and Richard's three-year-old daughter Gabriella wearing a 'freedom pinafore' her mother made out of woollen clothes left by prisoners released from Evin jail. Picture: RICHARD RATCLIFFE - Credit: Archant

Richard Ratcliffe said his daughter had not taken the pinafore off since being given it on Sunday.

This somes as Nazanin faces a new trial date on December 10 and an onslaught of propaganda against her in the Iranian media accusing her of being a dangerous MI6 agent.

Richard Ratcliffe said: “Nazanin has been sewing and knitting to keep calm during this propaganda onslaught. She remains unable to sleep well, has little appetite, and is unable to concentrate on anything that involves reading.

“This weekend she was allowed to give her family the clothes she made. And Gabriella wore her colourful freedom pinafore to the Sunday visit. She has worn it every day since she was given it, pictures attached, with the pinafore, and with her new favourite ‘Baby Paddington’ and ‘Mummy Paddington.’

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“The family were allowed to give Nazanin some clothes and fabric, including some sent from the UK which she said still had the smell of home. However, they were prevented from giving her a pair of sandals, since these might be used to smuggle in a phone.”

He said she a new propaganda campaign against Nazanin has devastated her.

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Nazanin has spoken through Richard. She said: “After 20 months they put out these false stories – why are they doing this to me and my family? I don’t watch the news, or read the papers anymore. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“I sometimes wonder if I will ever be normal again. I wonder how far can they go? How far can their stupidity and injustice stretch? They have ruined my life. Why these stories now? Why after all this time? Why are they torturing me?”

“If they want to pick a fight with the government, they should just pick a fight with the government. I am just a normal human being and mother. Why do I pay the price when this is a fight between two governments?”

“I felt like I am drowning, deep in the sea, and no one can help me. I cannot see the light. My pot of waiting is full.”

“I have worked so hard not to be damaged when I speak to Gabriella – each time after I saw her I used to cry so much at what I was missing. It used to break my heart. I am trying to think positive thoughts, and to distract myself. But they keep pushing these stories.”

“I have paid a huge price. I have been deprived of my life for what they say I have done. What they say is ridiculous. They have turned it all round to make me into a dangerous person.”

“I am really angry inside, and I worry – because the scars are so deep. Life will never be as normal as before. I worry about what Gabriella will remember. No one knows.”

The community will remember Nazanin during a poetry reading, and performance of an act from the play inspired by her story, ‘Where’s my Mummy?’ at the Belsize Christmas Show on December 9.

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