The six to one food shopping method has gone viral on TikTok this year, with its creator claiming it is an easy way to make shopping quicker, easier and cheaper, but does it work?

The six to one method involves purchasing six vegetables, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two sauces or spreads, and one fun treat for yourself each time you do a weekly shop.

This, they argue, is enough to create all the meals you will need through the week without being distracted by unnecessary extras.

The method’s creator, Chef Will Coleman, recently posted on TikTok encouraging others to give the method a try.

@chefwillco My 6 to 1 grocery method makes shopping cheaper and easier! Let me know how you like this grocery shopping method. #6to1method ♬ original sound - Chef Will Coleman

He said: “We are all trying to save money this year and my six to one grocery method has continued to go viral, and for good reason.

“If you are new to the six to one grocery method it is super super simple.

“Whenever you are shopping use the six to one method and grab six veggies, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two sauces or spreads and one fund thing for yourself.

“This makes shopping way easier and cheaper and you get in and out so you are not there all day long.

“This has worked for me, my homies and everyone on social media who has tried it.”

But did it work for us?

In short, no.

As someone who enjoys cooking but would not class themselves in any way as a great cook, I tend to meal plan with a set of recipes that I know I can recreate even when half asleep after a day at work.

While the six to one method may cut down on a grocery shop’s cost for some (it was roughly equivalent for myself if not slightly more expensive than an average shop would be), the added element of coming home from the gym and having to think about what I was going to cook from scratch was not worth any savings that may have been made.

While the method may work for others who are more adept in the kitchen that myself, I will continue to browse a cook book on a Saturday and pick out a few recipes that can be bulk cooked and frozen to grab from the supermarket on a Sunday.