Costa Coffee has launched Hot Milkshakes (yes, you’re reading that right) so my curiosity grew and I just knew I needed to try them.

I’ve tried many a Costa Coffee menu item now but I think this is probably up there with the most quirky – are Hot Milkshakes even available anywhere else? I’m not sure but they’re certainly unique.

The drink comes in three different flavours - White Chocolate and Strawberry, Salted Caramel Coffee and Chocolate Hazel – and I decided to try two of them (here’s how it went).

What are Costa Coffee’s Hot Milkshakes really like?

I tried the White Chocolate and Strawberry and Salted Caramel Coffee flavours and overall I was really impressed.

The White Chocolate and Strawberry one was delicious and just to my taste although it might be a bit sweet for some.

The strawberry and white chocolate flavours make for a winning combination and the Light Whip cream and sprinkles on top are a nice touch.

The Salted Caramel Coffee one had a strong coffee taste for me but the closest thing I like to coffee is a mocha and sometimes even they’re a bit too much.

This milkshake was topped with sweet caramel vermicelli and Light Whip which was, again, a nice feature for someone with a sweet tooth like me.

If the toppings aren’t your thing, you can let the barista know that you’d rather go without.

The Hot Milkshakes are described as “thick” by Costa Coffee but I actually thought they were really light and not that thick at all but in a good way because it meant they were easy to sip through the straw.

They were a drinkable temperature but stayed hot for a good while.

Speaking of the temperature, I was right to be intrigued and not put off by the oxymoron that is a Hot Milkshake.

In fact, I think the Hot Milkshake is a positive twist on the coffee shop chain’s Frappes because these are iced drinks that come in similar flavours but are always really cold.

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I’ve often felt like ordering a Frappe in colder months but have also not wanted to make myself cold by drinking one.

But now I think with the new Hot Milkshakes I can get the best of both worlds if I’m craving a cold Frappe drink but need something to keep me warm - they really are a game changer for me.

Overall, if you’re unsure about trying them I’d say go for it – you might just like them.

As they’re a new menu item for January, I think they may only be available for a limited time but I’m not completely sure so I’m going to try and get another one ordered before they’re potentially taken off the menu.