Mystery Highgate diner picks up bill for pair who watched her bag

Two ladies got an unexpected birthday treat when a fellow diner at a Highgate restaurant paid for their lunches – because they looked after her bag when she visited the bathroom.

Diana Binstead celebrated turning 69 with her friend Shiela Armstrong at the French bistro Cote in Highgate High Street on October 4.

The pair, who always mark their birthdays with a restaurant meal, were enjoying a glass of white wine and plate of risotto when a lady sitting nearby asked them to look after her laptop computer and bag while she visited the bathroom.

Thinking nothing of it, the women agreed and returned to their lunch.

But when they asked for the bill, the women were surprised to hear that their tab has already been picked up.

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Astonished Ms Binstead said: “We were really shocked when we heard she had paid.

“It was such a nice, kind thing for her to do. We floated out of that restaurant, it made our day.

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“We wanted to thank her, but we have no idea who she is or how to get in touch.

“We just wanted to get the message out there to thank her.”

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