Muswell Hill supermarket holds raffle to buy child a wheelchair

Sainsbury's staff held a Christmas raffle in their Muswell Hill store

Sainsbury's staff held a fundraising raffle in their Muswell Hill store - Credit: Juliette Fevre

Staff at a Sainsbury's store in Muswell Hill organised a raffle to help raise funds to buy a child a new wheelchair.

“Happy health day!” could be heard on entering the store in Fortis Green Road last Friday (Dec 3), as volunteers let shoppers know prizes could be won.

Sainsbury's has partnered with Action for Kids (AFK) to offer Leon, a young recipient of the charity, a new wheelchair.

The leaflets distributed by volunteers read: “His current chair is very old and if it rains, he has to put a bag over the controls, or sometimes he doesn’t leave his house.”

For 15 years Sainsbury's has been partnering with AFK, a national charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families.

Baskets full of wine, food and champagne were prepared as prizes for winners, and the raffle has since closed.

The Sainsbury's store manager said the supermarket hoped to rack up £1,500 for the fundraiser.