Muswell Hill donated bushes stolen a week after planted

Association “sad and disappointed” after thugs pull up newly-planted shrubs

BUSHES paid for and lovingly planted by a group of residents for the benefit of local people have been torn up and stolen just a week after they were put in place.

Members of the Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association funded and planted the beds at the corner of Colney Hatch Lane and Pages Lane with about 20 plants after becoming frustrated with the council’s failed attempts to brighten up the gateway into Muswell Hill.

But just a week later, sometime between Friday and Sunday, about eight bushes and plants were stolen from the beds.

Association chairman John Hajdu said: “It’s a great disappointment because members made contributions and we spent nearly three hours planting the various bushes.

“It’s very sad people would take bushes from a public place and not appreciate the time and money spent in trying to make the area a better place to live in.

“However, we do not give up and we will meet to discuss how to replace the missing bushes.”

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Resident Susan Bennett, who had helped choose the plants and put them in place, said: “We are a bit devastated and don’t know what to do now after all that effort.”